Antenna 008: Inverted Ladder Dipole
Author: Frederick R. Vobbe, W8HDU
February 1, 2008
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A variation of the Ladder Line antenna is an Inverted Ladder Line antenna. The inverted ladder line antenna works best in drooping it only to 20 degrees. At 45 degree angles it exhibits some strange radiation characteritics, so it's best not to droop it too much.

Inverted Ladder Line dipole

The way you match this antenna is to construct the antenna longer than you need, then trim back the wire to give a good match on your VSWR meter. Below is a chart showing "aproximate" line lengths.

80 mtrs 40 mtrs 20 mtrs 15 mtrs 10 mtrs
Each leg: 62' 6" 33' 16' 6" 11' 8' 4"
Total Length: 125" 66' 33' 22' 16' 8"

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